Walks in the streets of Shanghai

My walks in the busy streets of Shanghai and nearby towns with a map in hand, I saw myself drifting without destination or goals: this casual and fortunate encounter with the people and objects brought upon myself certain emotions, a submit interest for observing the culture. The multiple colours, the activities, the movement, the women, the children, the daily life and use fascinated me. As a whole: people, smells, objects thrown in vain, laughter, whirl of life was indeed a reference to a start of my work. Portraying an insight on life and people in Shanghai discovering myself and others, caught between two worlds with new eyes. The collection of photos taken here and there and playing with its aesthetic, not only for the pleasure of recreation, but to enrich the form of artistic expression and subjective. This game indeed inverted, instead of choosing the theme myself, they choose me in order to modify its original idea. The art created has a beginning and no end but started the need to search for authenticity. According to each painting, colour, form, they are transformed with an aesthetic concept. Maintaining its equilibrium in which they impose by the simple game of significant(es). This happened in a decorative mixture of emotions.