Eu, O Outro em Nos – Caixa Aberta

Ilustracoes em papel de bambo
Ilustrations on bambo paper

When we pick up a scratchpad and scribble a face. You draw a circle for the head, a stroke for the nose, and another for a mouth.

Let's look then to the Scrawl without eyes. Does it not seem unbearably sad? The poor thing can't see. We feel obliged to "give it eyes" – and when we do two circles, the eyes, finally, look at us!

For us, all this sounds like a joke, but not for the primitive native, a wooden mast to which he gave a single face seems totally transformed and sacred. Their huts are there to protect them from rain, sun and wind, and to the spirits; the images are made to protect them against other powers, to them they are as real as the forces of nature.

It is impossible to understand the sources, if we do not seek to understand the minds of primitive peoples and find out what is the background or the experience, which makes them believe and think of images are something powerful, to be used and not as something beautiful to behold. If we are honest with us we can examine our intimacy, we will find that primitive believes are preserved in us.