Monografia …. Me, Myself and I

Tecnica mista em MFD Mixed media and Acrylic on MFD

In a world of constant evolution the role of the women in the social and political changes invest-in her multiple roles that she represents in the present society and in her relationship with power. The female figure, in its nakedness, is of no value only as a symbol of beauty. In contemporary society the image of women's figure is worth, mainly as a sex object, as appealing to the desire and as a catalyst and promoter of the senses. While the so-called "Women's Liberation Movements", fight the exploitation of this image, my work, uses those images as a critical weapon, subverting them through the "Masks". Just "maskly" does the woman corresponds to the image that the man/power privileges her to. The use of ' I ' seems to me a bit excessive, in my painting. Despite a large subjective load, I transmit more ' you ', because there is another voice in the painting that announces and allows a certain distance. And it often happens to me when I look at myself from the outside, in a ironic way. Let's say there's a external look of the painting, which focuses on the person as if it were a poetic character. The aesthetic is what impresses us, moves, and question or provokes. Gives rise to new interpretations and readings and never entirely dominates, because you feel it is bigger than us and goes way beyond us. I find my aesthetic support in the work of Bacon, Jean Rustin, Goya, Frida Kahlo and Cindy Sherman. They touched me with the essentials of life: the pain of a human being. To fight daily against death. Not body's death, inevitable, but the death of the spirit.