The face (exteriority) leads not only to a view but to a a vision, leads not only to an appearance but for an apparition, is not so much the face or the mask that was pretty and crumbles…. The image is created especially for the "story" through another aesthetic/technical language created for this means. The constant and rapid evolution and scientific technique are associated with the changes in the procedures and means of communication that radically altered the consciousness and behaviour of human beings. So, the photo-medium and instrument that I chose to give body to my work, initially as a mere technical reproduction of the real, took on an artistic expression and as such, a subjective and critical creative freedom. The end result, we can't forget, is an artificial world none objective (just as the television and the video, trying to replace the reality) with its multiple readings and interpretations. The photographic works can be "read" in a variety of ways, going through a psychological approach, by a social-historical perspective, or within a certain social criticism, even marked as feminism, depending on the viewpoint that preside over the reception.