When we appoint the word "face", it calls for a significant, full of meaning, functions, and changes. All of us carry a face, that constitutes, at the same time, as one of our brands and identities, perhaps the most celebrated, but also as one of the most powerful barriers that can be invoked, whether voluntarily or not, who circles around us, on its eventual surge of our sense. On the other hand, the face of the other, the eyes, mouth, and skin texture, wrinkle, the expression and speech (the face speaks (...) because he's the one who makes it possible and starts the whole communication), occupy our space, invading it, ripping it, looking for its context, its meaning, the intercommunication of the affections, the enigma. In here fits whole panoply of instrumental components of the face, often about and almost always synthetic dialectic:
  • Mirror/mask
  • Invitation/repulsion to contemplation, by himself or external
  • Identity/anonymity
  • Spontaneous projection/camouflage volunteer of the inner experience in a specific time
  • Transparency/opacity
At the risk of using a formula, it is also in the face and for the face, where the permanent conflict lies between being and not-being, in a more comprehensive and essential terms, it manifests, dictating the moments of navigation, or wreckage, where what each one calls the "ME" travels.