Journey I

As part of a global community lands, myths and rites, all have common origin and a differentiated development. Attentive to these subtleties I have my own way of fusing these identities. I reinvent forms and reconstructs sceneries in lucid and playful finds; without losing the poetry of the modern world, preserving the combative zephyr and the emotional splendor. Always reconstructing the notions of tradition and authenticity placing them in relation to something or somebody, stimulating and questioning the insight of the kaleidoscopic reality, or, who knows, a translator of paradoxes. Art is an instrument of poetic reading while moment is being made. Thereby the game of forms and shapes all come naturally in the whole creative process. Don’t have a specific style or an aesthetic rigorous order but each work installs different interpretations in the dialog with the viewer. The walk in the different cities, towns, join past and present, west and east, in a vision that transforms the actual excesses and the roll of the individual into a translatable world for all of us. "To see clearly is to stop."
"Analyzing is to be a foreigner.”