Tecnica Mista/acrilico sobre Telha Mixted media/Acrylic on Canvas

Self portraits Aesthetic impresses us, moves us, questions and provokes. Causes new interpretations and readings, and we cannot control or domain it completely because it exceeds us. The use of 'me' has become less excessive in my painting, in spite of a great subjective load, I started to transmit more 'you', because there is another voice in the painting, which expresses and allows it certain distance. Very often, i look at “me”, from the outside, in an ironic way. As a second layer of varnish over the painting, more exterior, more resistant, giving full focus of the person as a poetic character. On the other side, the face of other, the eyes, the mouth, the skin and the texture, the wrinkle, the expression and the speech (the face speaks (…) because it is he that makes it possible and begins the speech), they occupy our space, invade it, tear it looking for the context, the signification, the intercommunication of the affections, the enigma, the constant confrontation “to be and not to be”, in a more global and essential way. It manifests, dictates moments where each “I” travels. its surroundings, or in his space dependence, the whole set of objects, flexible or solid, utilitarian or imaginative, can be called building shades, variations, connotations of the most varied order and signification